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Taste Kitchen is a meal kit company aimed at relieving the stress of mealtimes for busy families & individuals. They produce healthy, affordable meal kits that are easy for beginners yet packed with flavour. Creating a simple yet engaging user interface was an integral part of ensuring that Taste Kitchen stands out in a crowded market.

The meal kit delivery industry has grown immensely. More people are looking for ways to cut back on the time and cost involved with mealtimes. The audience for meals kit includes busy families, working professionals and people who may struggle to put together meals (for example: people with disabilities) and more. It was important to design a site that appeals to a wide audience.

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I noticed several pain points when doing research into the industry. Firstly, the user interface for selecting and filtering meals was often complex and tedious. Secondly, the website often lacked clear instructions about how the service worked. Both of these issues can lead to a high drop-off rate from potential customers.

I made sure that the top navigation only includes the important information that new customers would need to know. Everything else is placed in the footer navigation. This reduces the number of choices for new customers to choose from and limits any potential confusion.


On the meal selection page, I also made a distinction between the time related filter and the dietary related filter. Being able to pick between the "ready in 5" and "meal kits" option allows Taste Kitchen to easily cater its service to different customers. Those who want to cook and those who want a healthy, delicious microwave meal.

The style choice is simple, yet flowy and fun. It targets a wide user base and draws customer's eyes to the food they offer. This allows their product to shine through more than anything else.

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