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Earth Interiors is an interior design studio specialising in providing furnishing services to offices, homes and open spaces. Their products are environmentally conscious as well as luxurious which were both important messages to convey through their online identity.

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The goal for this project was to design and develop a high-converting landing page while highlighting the creativity and uniqueness of a luxury interior design studio. Upon doing research, I noticed that many studios in the industry put emphasis on their work and they highlighted their clients heavily. However, there was often relatively little information about the people behind the studio and the interior designers themselves.

With Earth interiors it was important for the personality of the studio to shine through in the design, animations and typography.


I created a website that promoted the unique style and essence of the Earth Interiors brand. The style choice includes a playful bubble font on the hero, contrasted with a sharp, elegant heading font throughout (Scotch Display). There are also overlapping blocks and images to add dimension. Two sections of the page let potential clients know that the studio has significant experience in the industry.

The first being the accolades grid area near the middle of the page. The second being a client feedback slider near the bottom of the page. This contributes to the social proof to the brand. A section of the landing page is dedicated to team members which helps build up a rapport with potential clients before communication begins. Finally, multiple call-to-action buttons throughout remind visitors to get in touch if they want to learn more about Earth Interiors.

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